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Brunch with my mind?

I know, I surprised myself as well. That’s just the thing about every individual, they are unique with their own personal touch that draws you to them.
Funny thing about this name, I actually start eating after breakfast but just before lunch and well, the things I think of are definitely worth sharing. 

This Blog is focused on being your best self and getting a shift in your mindset that may have kept you from achieving your Goals.
I want you to be apart of my Journey as I make conscious decisions that are for my greater good.

Being so far from “perfect”, I have also started to learn to accept and love myself for the person I am. 

My mom has amazing recipes that are so simple to cook up in the kitchen and I definitely hope you will give that a shot.
I know that I love tasting all the meals!

Life is Beautiful & so are you!

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Mind & Body

A healthy mind & body is really the foundation.


You will find different Recipes which includes Traditional Indian recipes & Healthy Good Stuff.

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Food, Tech & Beauty Reviews. If you are like me and need a second opinion.


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