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Corona Virus

The Corona Virus

The Corona Virus pandemic has taken over the world.

South Africa on Lock-down

Covid 19 – Death Toll Rises 
Covid 19 – Increase in the number of cases
These Headlines every single day. I want to see the Headlines that say, 463 Recovered.
Everything is used to entice people to click and read. Yes, I understand how it works and yet I still fall victim to few news articles and I read them.
With all the negativity that’s being fed to the people of our Country, My wish is for every income earner to return to work, for children to return to school and for the Hospitals to be a safe place for the staff and patients.
This post, as I type, is to remind each and everyone that we are history in the making.
When all is good and the state of living returns to that which we were used to prior to Lock-down, we will look at this as a thing of the past?

In saying that, this is a time we cannot get back, so let’s also use some of this time to make the changes within our own self.

Acknowledging how we feel and how we handle our emotions will encourage us to be better and do better every step of the way.
You may wonder, but what is the purpose of answering these questions?
I know that by you starting this process, you will answer that question on your own.

Recommend your friends and family to do this exercise but don’t force it on them.
I believe everything is about timing and the fact that you are here reading this specific post at this moment, is no coincidence.

What can I do during Lock-down?

First, let us set aside time every day to write how we feel during this time by answering a question from each category
What is it like being home Today?
Did I clean my home?
How many things have I noticed that I would like to change at home?
Did I clean my garage / yard?
How do I feel around my family?
Did my children behave Today?
Was I  kind & caring towards my spouse / partner?
Did I contact my Mom / Dad / Brothers / Sisters?
What made me smile today?
Have I acknowledged my strengths & talent?
Was I happy / angry / stressed today?
Did your emotion affect how you treated others at home?
Self Development
What did I focus on Today?
What am I grateful for?
Did I focus on any fitness activities?
Did I think more Positive / Negative thoughts today?
I have faith that this will help your mindset to adjust and focus on more Gratitude & Love towards you and those around you.
We cannot change the world but each person who changes them self for the better is without a doubt, a step in the right direction.
Stay Safe
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