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Dry Shampoo – Colab Batiste & Marc Anthony

My hair gets greasy really quick. I have to wash my hair like every second day.
Just an extra day or 2 is all I really ask for and after much research, I found that baby powder can help me.
As time went on and Dry Shampoo’s became more visible during the shopping process, I had to give a few of these a try.

Ladies, please be mindful that what may work for one, may not work for another.
My hair has not settled on whether it’s wavy, curly or straight – In fact it is a combination of all 3. I have to flat iron my hair every day or until I find something that works better for me.

The greasy hair really gets to me!


Dry Shampoo’s that you should try:


Co LAB Dry Shampoo

No white residue
Wide range of fragrances (Bonus is the cute packaging)
Absorbs oil
Hold’s greasiness away for quite a short period

Rating: 4/5


Batiste Dry Shampoo

Gives you that extra time by keeping the greasiness off
Comes in a range of different scents
There is also the brunette can which gives off a brownish powder
Absorbs oil well

Not the biggest fan of seeing the powder residue

Rating : 4/5


Marc Anthony – Coconut Refresh Dry Shampoo

No Residue
Absorbs oil

This did not leave the texture of my hair feeling soft
The scent can be a bit much for regular use

Rating: 3/5


Links to purchase in South Africa:


Batiste Dry Shampoo

Marc Anthony – Coconut Refresh


My favorite has to be Co-lab mainly because of it being the invisible Dry Shampoo & definitely Batiste second.I do strongly suggest you try a smaller bottle of whichever you may have in mind and purchase a larger bottle if you are happy with the product.
Amazon has great deals on branded packs. Clicks has offers which are their famous 3for2 and that would be a great time to make a purchase. For a quick refresh, using this product is to spray it closer to the roots. I also recommend sectioning your and to avoid spraying any product directly to the front of your head.
Work the product through your hair using your fingers and you are good to go!


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