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Fullers Earth Face Mask

I am quite the keen one when it comes to trying out something new. When the ingredients are natural and can be made at home, I am all for it.

I was shopping at a local spice shop and they had a stand placement with many different powders.

I stood there to go through them and there was a few that got my attention. This one in specific, Multani Mitti ( Fullers Earth).

The label stated that this powder contains healthy nutrients and imports natural oils to the skin.
It helps your skin in many ways like diminishing pore size, removing black heads, white heads and fading freckles. It also assists in soothing sunburns, cleansing skin, improving complexion, reducing acne and blemishes and making you skin glow.

Face Mask Mixture


2tsp Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) Powder

1tsp Organic Turmeric

2tsp Gram Flour (Chickpea Flour)

Rose Water 

Substitute the Rose Water for Milk if you have Dry Skin.

Mix this into a paste and apply to face.
Leave on for 10 minutes
Rinse off face and there after wash with a mild / paraben free face wash.

Applying the face mask

After applying the mask on my face, I was hoping that I would not end up looking like a ripe mango. Taking a leap of faith and trusting the benefits of this powder from our beautiful place we call earth, I kept the mask on.

I was also so eager to wash it out and check what I looked like.
I hopped straight into the shower, rinsed it off my face.
Peaking out of the shower to check my skin tone, there was no yellow residue. Got back into the shower & washed my face with African Extracts 3 in 1 face wash.

I I came out of the shower and well the lighting in there made the pic appear to be a little pale.
Excuse my hair in the second pic, that was me getting comfy with my natural hair – I straightened it out afterwards.

I’m keen to get feedback to see if anyone else has given this face mask a go.
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