About Me

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Hi, I am Shamni Govender

Im a Mom, Blogger, Youtuber & a creative being – the list goes on.

When reading a blogger’s page titled “About”, It’s meant to give you some background info and impress you. 
Im just here doing what I love and I will give you the lowdown about me.

I’m a single parent, stuck in a rut & nothing had been going my way. I knew there was a reason and I just couldn’t figure out what it was. 
During the Lockdown, I had no income stream because I was earning only commission. During this time, most people were in a state of panic because of the increased number of jobs lost and companies closed.
I had already shifted my mindset; I did the Mind Power Course by Robin Banks. 
A healthy body + a healthy mind is my recipe for success.

Looking at life with a positive appeal. I trust that the Universe and God will give us what we are open to receive. 
There are many reasons I believe that everything in life happens for a reason, including you being here on this page at this moment reading these word’s which I have typed.

I also trust that the reason this happened is so you may find the inspiration, light & insight in whatever you may have been looking for an answer to. 

Shamni GovenderLove & Blessings