Lifestyle as a topic open a vast array of conversations. It’s the one thing you can approach from just about any angle and just talk.
We could be speaking about eating better, shopping, beauty products, the law of attraction to name a few.

I’m pretty certain that as the days go along, you are going to love this blog.
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Daily Practices

Keep a Journal. Start of every morning with Gratitude.
Release and clear what may be on your mind so your have a clear space to set your intention.It’s been Spoken about so often because it truly does work.


Write down your Goals.
I will always say this, Write it down. Read them & work your plan to achieve them.
Do a vision board – It’s amazing how this gets the plan in motion.

Know what you want so that you Manifest your what you truly want to receive.
Be open to receive the things you are asking for. 

Set your intention for the day.
Visualize yourself having an awesome day with everything going well. Not everyday is filled with glitter & rainbows, but you will definitely be at ease in facing any challenges