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How do you feel about your Life?

  • Do you ever just look at your life and think there is something more to it?
  • Do you ever feel stagnant? Do you want to achieve success?
  • Do you want a loving relationship?
  • Do you want to make money?
  • Do you just want to live a carefree life?
Well, Read on because I have something to share with you and it will definitely help you.

The first time I heard about Mind Power


13 years ago My mom heard about the Mind Power Seminar on a Radio Station – East Coast Radio.-  Inspired by the discussion about Healing, success & working with your Mind. My mum made a booking for us to attend and my brother, my mum and I attended a seminar at the Suncoast Casino & Entertainment world.
The conference room was buzzing and there were so many people there. Robin Banks came out to speak and as always, he was pulsating with such an amazing Energy and everyone enjoyed the talk.
They usually held the talks on an evening and for attendees to show no signs of boredom from a course about working with your mind, I would say that is sweet.
My elder brother attended the seminar the next day and thereafter my entire family and a few extended family members did the full program with Robin Banks.
We did the course again & my brothers attended it 4 times and I stand to be corrected.
The abundance had flowed, and the businesses had grown and expanded.
As Robin always states, this is no Positive Thinking course, and neither is it a Religious Course.

Along the years, we achieved many things we wanted without acknowledging it and I slowly got comfortable with life and then stopping my mind power exercises.



So this year, I saw the advert for Robin Banks “Free Introductory Talk”.
I have been through a lot of turmoil in my life and which I had to accept that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you know that you have not physically done all the wrong but you have to still accept.
That evening, I had a choice to go to Dinner (And live the same life with the issues) or go for the Mind Power Introductory Course was in Mount Edgecombe Country Club and work on myself.
I attended the Robin Banks Course. I was there; the room was so full that some people were standing around the room.
Blessed was I because I got a chair and I like to be comfortable.
Robin brought up the offer, and I already walked to the front because I said that I am doing the course. I will do it and money was the issue, but I wasn’t sitting this out.
I called my brothers and asked if they wanted to join and my elder brother was all for it and we signed up for the course.
This for me sparked such an excited within in me and I could not wait for this course.
They meant for the course to be held over a weekend in April and well, Lockdown happened and I was just feeling down because I knew that I wanted to do this to help me transition changes in my life.
Robin & his amazing super helpful team notified us of the course being held over live webinar and I was so happy!
It’s 5weeks later and we are doing the sustaining the magic course, which is exactly what the name says.
So what’s changed for me?
During this process of me doing Mind Power, I have started my Business once again; I started a YouTube Channel; I Started a Blog (On my own – Designing to content).
I have focused on myself and my children & I have been teaching my kids Mind Power.
I am attracting to me the life that I envision for my children and myself.
A YouTube Video will come up soon based on my experience with the Mind Power Course.
I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone who wants to shift themselves out of a comfort zone and also dealing with negative thought patterns.
If you want to do any of:
Make Money
Attract A fabulous Relationship
Heal your Body
Manifest your reality
Live in Abundance


If you want to make changes to your life, You have to be the one to wake up and do the work.
Nobody can change your life and when you understand this,  its step in the right direction.
Self Development is continuous. There is so much of information at our disposal & courses available.
Live your best life.

Give yourself a gift and do the course, you will benefit & so too will those around you.


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