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Taking the driver seat in your “own” life

Hey, friends! I hope you’ll are doing amazing.
I just want to remind you that if you are alive, you are well. You can most definitely shift your vibration from a negative one to a positive one.
Let us chat a bit about this topic: Taking the driver seat in your “own” life.
So, what do I mean by this?
Do you question other people’s actions?
Do you wonder why some people make bad decisions?
Do you focus on the negative aspects of other people’s choices & the things they say?
First, there is nothing wrong with you. People do this and let me dive into this deeper.
The President addresses the nation and “BOOM” so many people are questioning his decisions and others are applauding him.
A couple gets married, some are happy for them while others believe the groom would be better with another person and vice versa.
Someone starts a new job, people question what is the need when you have a job.
Well, it goes on for so many other types of scenarios.
I want to know. Does all this questioning help you move forward in your own life? NO!
The one thing that happens is that you build a mind map which can build up to be something like this:
Lockdown – No Income – Our company will definitely shut down – those people will have no food – we will have no food – I will be unemployed and on and on!
We are not in control of others’ actions & once we understand this; we get to move forward.
Pay attention to your thoughts and reaction to what others do.
Ask yourself if what you are thinking about will help you grow.

Now take these steps:

  1. Accept that you human and you will have moments when your mind will drift into negative thoughts.
  2. Flip the Switch – Change your focus into something that will benefit you.
  3. Clear your mind from wandering into the world of “other people”
  4. Show Gratitude life & what you have
  5. Control your own actions & responses to life.
There is always something happening in life – Love yourself, Be Happy & avoid negative conversations
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