The Intro – Worth the read?

OK, so I have been reading and hearing about this word “Blog” for years. Did I give it a thought, No – Not at all. I knew what a website was and that was pretty much it.
My idea of the web was that it was my “Oyster” as that is where the world is and I have been enjoying searching for everything. If google did not exist, I doubt that I would have been hungry for information as I am today, or should I say – these days?

Truth is, I go on Youtube and every other person talks about their blog. I’m just here thinking, maybe its about time I use this item “Blog” (as though its an item I purchased which was laying in my draw dormant) to share the thoughts I have.

I find it absolutely amazing that I have so many thoughts. Does the mind even begin to hush?
I’ll answer that, No it does not.
I do love the mind. An instrument like no other with amazing capabilities. I’ll let you know more about it as we go along.

Enough about me, How are you?

I’m so tempted to say “LOL”. Oh wait, I just did. Now do you see what I mean?
Its me talking to myself but just typing these words from the internal chatter that’s going on.

To be honest, I am super happy that you are here on my BLOG.
Really, I am. Sharing is caring, so if you find this Interesting at all, bring your friends along.

We can have tea, talk tea or coffee?
Oh you like hot chocolate? That’s Awesome.

Welcome to my blog: Brunch with my mind

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